Moosewood Art Studio is starting the registration process for next school year 2016-2017!  Register online today!

I am excited with how art lessons at Moosewood Art Studio has been taking off this year with many new and returning students.  I appreciate everyone’s support so much and look forward to a new year.   I have put a few new classes into the mix for those who are interested.  Here they are listed below:

*Art Foundations 3 (4-5) This new class will make it so there is less of an age difference between the students. I really like the progression between these three classes and  feel that your students will love having peers of the same age to create wonderful art projects with.

*Advanced Drawing I have a few students ready to take this class if they are interested.  This will progress nicely with Drawing 1 and Drawing 2.  This class will help the student progress to the Art Studio AP Art class if they so desire.

*Advanced Painting Same as the above class only with paint.  Progression is what is needed here to help the student get ready for the AP Art studio class if they so desire.

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