Floral Watercolor Demonstration

In this demonstration, I chose to paint one of my favorite flowers I grow in my garden here in Palmer. It is of a Black Eyed Susan. Watercolor can often turn out muddy and cause many students to give up. I love watercolor and teach my students how to "control" their washes by using layers. they learn to let each color dry before working on the next one. There are different techniques involved in creating a bright crisp watercolor. Students learn this in my classes.

Charcoal Owl Demonstration

When I teach my students how to use any medium, I like to show them the steps involved by showing them a demonstration. Many times I am drawing right along with them in class. Students are able to see how a working artist manages to take what they see and render it on a sheet of paper. Here is a step by step progression of an owl I drew using charcoal.