Moosewood Art Studio Mission Statement

Moosewood art students will possess a high degree of visual literacy and intellectual curiosity about art and culture. It will be my focus to recognize, affirm and support a child’s emerging individuality, and help strengthen a child’s sense of self through art-making.

To achieve this mission Moosewood Art Studio:

Students will create art that is inspired by famous and emerging artists’ work, experiment with different medium and have fun, in a relaxed & professional studio environment.

Students will learn a combination of drawing skills and techniques. Drawing is the foundation for all visual art. An emphasis will be placed on personal exploration and creative growth, in a supportive atmosphere.

Moosewood Art Studio has group shows of student artwork. Family members are invited to enjoy the gallery exhibition. Parent communication is encouraged and always welcome.

Moosewood Art Studio promotes problem solving, has extremely small classes, and supports varied learning styles.