Moosewood Art Studio has classes for homeschool kids and afterschool.

Who are classes for?

I get asked alot about the classes I offer here at Moosewood Art Studio. One of the questions I would like to address today is who my classes are designed for. I teach classes for K-12 grade students and they can either be from home school or public school programs. I try really hard to make my schedule work for students who are interested in learning about art. I have both day and evening classes and talk with all my students to find the best time for all involved. Since I have up to 4 students that need to be scheduled for a class sometimes this can be challenging but so far things have worked out great. Last Spring semester 2016, I had 3 full classes and many partially filled classes that I was able to accommodate. If you have any questions about classes or schedules, let me know. I would love to help you find what works best for your student.

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