Clay Loom project

My Art Foundations 3 class had an amazing project they created last semester I wanted to share with everyone. I like this Clay loom project because it taught my students so many great art related lessons and they really loved creating them.

I used this project to teach them about texture, form and line. Form was taught by showing the students how the clay has height width and depth. Texture was taught by showing the students how they could create different surface textures in their clay projects by pressing details into the wet clay. Line was taught by showing the students how to work with colored threads to weave in the hole they created their clay. Combined this was an art project the students were proud of.

This project is a wonderful way to teach several different elements of art at the same time. The project shown above were created by Mac Lehman, Elizabeth Miner, Aurora James and Jaidrian James.

Winter Foil Art Project Art Foundations 1

Today my Art Foundations 1 class had a blast working with and learning about texture. The students really seemed to enjoy this art project as they were able to work with glue, foil and Sharpies. I have a wonderful group of students this Spring semester that are creative and work really hard at creating their own projects. As you can see they are sure proud of their finished work.

Spring semester 2017 class schedules

Here is a class schedule and any openings I may have in the classes offered. If you ar interested in a class that is full, I am willing to open up a new one for you. Give me a call. Art Foundations 1 (K-1)CLASS FULL TUESDAYS 10am-11am. Starts January 3rd.   Art Foundations 2 (2-3) CLASS FULL TUESDAYS 11am-12pm. Starts January 3rd. … Read More

Spring Semester 2017 Registration

I want to thank everyone who has helped make my studio a success. I have amazing students and parents who support me. I love what I do!! It is that time of year again to register your students for the upcoming Spring semester at Moosewood Art Studio. Classes start the first part of January so hurry. Classes are filling up … Read More

Fall Semester Art Class Schedule

Schedule of classes Moosewood Art Studio has a lot of classes to offer students this Fall semester. Art Foundations 1 (K-1) Tuesday mornings from 10am-11am. I have two spots available. Art Foundations 2 ( 2-3) Tuesday mornings from 11am-12pm. This class if FULL. Art Foundations 3 (4-5) Thursday afternoons from 2pm-3pm. I have two spots available. Visual Art Survey (6-12) … Read More

New Classes added to Moosewood Art Studio

NEW CLASSES FOR 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR Moosewood Art Studio is adding a few new classes to offer a better fit for students. The Art Foundation classes needed an additional class to break up the age groups a bit. Art Foundation classes are now offered in the following classes: Art Foundations 1 (K-1), Art Foundations 2 (2-3), and Art Foundations 3 … Read More


Moosewood Art Studio is starting the registration process for next school year 2016-2017!  Register online today! I am excited with how art lessons at Moosewood Art Studio has been taking off this year with many new and returning students.  I appreciate everyone’s support so much and look forward to a new year.   I have put a few new classes … Read More


Time to register for Spring Semester 2016! I have some openings in the following classes: Art Foundations 1 (K-1): 1 student for the 10am-11am Tuesday morning class starting January 5th. Art Foundations 2 (2-5): 1 student for the 11am-12pm Tuesday morning class starting January 5th. Visual Art Survey (6-12): 1 student for the 5:30pm-7pm Tuesday evening class starting January 5th. Drawing … Read More

Fall Classes off to a great start

Moosewood Art Studio students are having a blast so far this Fall semester and the creativity of each class has been wonderful. Art Foundations 1 and 2 are in the middle of a project where they are learning about form by working with paper Mache. Each student gets to create their favorite animal while learning the basic techniques used when … Read More

Open for Registration 2015-2016

Registration open for 2015-2016 school year. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. It is that time again to think about Fall registration for Moosewood Art Studio classes. I have classes for the beginning to advanced artist and am pleased to have small classes for more one on one time with each student. Take a look at the … Read More

Students having a great time in Art Foundations 1

Charcoal drawing using black and white Today the Art Foundations 1 class learned about value scales using black and white charcoal. They finished up by creating beautiful charcoal drawings of glass lanterns on a striped cloth. They caught on quick, and as you can see, they were having a great time drawing with such a fun medium.


This semester I have the following classes started with a great bunch of kids: Art Foundations I class (k-1)  from 10am-11am every Tuesday. (This class has one spotst available) Art Foundations II class (2-5) from 4pm-5pm every Thursday.  (This class  has two spots available) Visual Art Survey (6-12) from 4pm-5:30pm every Tuesday. This class is FULL)

Moosewood Art Studio becomes a vendor for MatSu Central!

Moosewood Art Studio is excited to become a vendor for MatSu Central school and offers art lessons for students K-12. Students with artistic abilities ranging from beginning to advanced will find classes that will interest and challenge them. Classes are structured into drawing or painting sections, with small class sizes being a focus to enable student teacher interaction. A student … Read More

Class Schedules for Fall 2014

I am getting ready to start classes the first week in September.  I have enough students for an Art Foundation I class and a Visual Arts Survey class.  If any students are interested in the other classes I teach, register today and I will add it to my schedule.  The schedule is as follows: Art Foundations I (K-1)  starts Sept. … Read More

Art studio

Art classes begin September 2014! Check out the classes I offer and register online today. As you can see in the photo below, my art studio is designed for small class sizes where I will be able to give your student more one on one instruction. I look forward to teaching in a private art lesson setting again.